Beating the Heat - Tips for keeping your makeup fresh all summer long

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The summer months can be a difficult time for keeping your makeup looking fresh, especially in the heat and humidity. Fortunately, with the right strategies and products, it's possible to have your makeup look just as fabulous throughout the season! In this blog post, we'll provide readers with tips for beating the heat and keeping your makeup looking flawless all summer long. From finding the right moisturizers and primer to selecting makeup that won't melt away easily, we'll cover all the basics to ensure you look your best all summer long.



Summer is here and while we are all out lounging in the sun and soaking up as much of it as possible, there’s one thing that many of us forget about: our makeup. If you’ve ever gone out on a hot summer day without the proper makeup precautions, then you know how damaging it can be. Have no fear, we’re here to help you keep your makeup looking flawless all summer long. Read on for our tips on preventing makeup meltdowns in the heat, staying fresh with summer beauty regimes, and making sure your cosmetics last through the hottest of days!


Skin Prep 

Staying fresh with a proper beauty regime during the heat doesn't have to be difficult either. With these tricks, you can keep everything lasting longer than usual regardless of the hot air grinding away against those efforts! 


Before applying makeup, make sure your face is prepped and washed with lukewarm water and an appropriate cleanser that removes dirt and oil from pores. Avoid scrubbing harshly and skimming off needed moisture beforehand. If your skin is extra oily, invest in a moisturizing cream that contains nourishing oils like Jojoba or Almond. In addition, invest in some SPF for your face! We recommend using organic skincare, that way you know your skin is in good hands and you’re not absorbing harsh chemicals that impact your health. 


Use a Toxin-Free Primer 

Once your face is prepped, don’t skip on the primer! This will keep your makeup in place longer and protect your face from the environment and prevent excess oils. Our Pro Prep Face Primer is free of toxic chemicals and is lightweight, making it the perfect primer for summer. In addition, if you’ve already caught a bit of sun, it contains Aloe Vera, which is great for cooling sunburn. Make sure you cover your entire face with primer to ensure a long-lasting makeup look! 


Limit foundation amount 

In the summertime, less is more. Avoid using too much foundation so that you don’t have excess caking or creasing. When using our Flawless Finish Foundation, we recommend using a sponge to apply it, for lighter coverage. Be sure to give your skin time in between applications too. Reapplying often leads to excess oiliness that could ruin any other layers applied afterward such as blush or bronzer.


The hot summer months don't have to mean the end of your beautiful makeup looks. With clever pre-planning and some long-lasting and toxin-free cosmetics, you can beat the heat and still look fabulous all summer!

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