Winter Makeup Looks that Heal and Protect Your Skin

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Winter Makeup Looks

As winter blankets the world in its crisp embrace, it's the perfect time to update your beauty routine with toxin-free makeup that not only enhances your natural beauty, but also cares for your skin. Clean Beauty by Joy has curated a collection of winter makeup looks that celebrate the season while also prioritizing the health of your skin. Join us on a journey to discover toxin-free winter makeup looks that will leave you radiant and glowing all season long.

Let’s talk the Bas(e)ics 

To get that healthy glow and keep your skin hydrated, you’ll want to start with a strong base of Pro Prep Face Primer and Flawless Finish Foundation. Both contain a base with Aloe that is used to heal, protect, and nourish your skin. This hydration is much needed during the cold, winter weather, and the primer will help your makeup stay in place all evening long as you mingle and celebrate! 

You can also add in some organic, toxin-free Bronzer, Blush, and Concealer to contour and beautify your face! If you’ve been able to get some of Clean Beauty by Joy’s Bronzer, Blush, and Concealer, then that’s even better. (PS those are only sold in person at this point.) 

Winter Frost Meets Sizzle with Smokey Eye Makeup 

smokey eye and ruby lips       smokey eye ruby lips

This look features our Baked Mineral Eye Trio in Smokey, which is a classic, bold look! Perfect for a New Years Eve dance or dinner out, you’ll make your eyes stand out and glimmer. I enjoy using the Black Opal Eye Crayon  to my benefit to make the look even more bold! Put the lighter color on first and then the darkest shade on the corner of your eyes and your eye crease. In addition, add a dark lip color like our Perfect Pout Lipgloss in Ruby (as pictured) or the Luxe ‘N Lavish in Mulberry Rose. 

Winter Snow on your Eyelids 

Winter Makeup Look Icey Eyes

Of course, this is a winter favorite look: the Baked Mineral Eye Trio in Aqua. With all the neutral, silver and gold clothes of winter, there’s something about a blue eye lid to add color while making your eyes pop! To make your eyes look especially icey, make sure to use the white, bright color as your base and work your way from there with the lighter blue, you can choose how much blue you want to have with the white. Another tip? Put the white eyeshadow on the corner of your eyes. For this look, you can really go either light or dark with your lip color. Just make sure what you wear, you feel most confident in! Make sure you put on some of our Ultra-Lush Lashes Mascara in Black to really embolden the look. 

Clean Beauty by Joy invites you to embrace the magic of winter with toxin-free makeup looks that prioritize both beauty and wellness. These winter makeup looks not only enhance your features but also care for your skin, ensuring a radiant and healthy glow throughout the season. Say goodbye to harmful ingredients and hello to clean, conscious beauty that aligns with your winter aesthetic. Embrace the joy of toxin-free makeup this winter and let your natural beauty shine through!

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