CLEAN BEAUTY by joy founder



Hi friends! I'm Joy Kakabeeke, a wife, mother, and founder of CLEAN BEAUTY by joy.


I never expected to start a makeup company. In fact, most weeks I found myself only wearing makeup on Sundays simply as a courtesy to those I would see at church! 


For over 6 years I had been making the necessary changes in my household and personal care products to reduce my use and exposure to harmful chemicals and ingredients.


But I was always falling short when it came to my makeup. When I found a cosmetic that claimed to be safe, I’d check out the ingredients and would always find ingredients that were far from safe. 


When I finally found a couple of companies that offered safe products, there were two major problems I encountered: 


1) The makeup didn’t perform well. 


2) It was too expensive.


CLEAN BEAUTY by joy is simply a solution to the problems I kept running into when on the hunt for new makeup. 


Isn’t that how most businesses get their start? Solving a problem?


My daughter became a teenager in 2019 and I have been doing all I can to create a healthy, safe environment for her to live in since she was seven. Before then, I simply was unaware of the dangers of harmful chemicals. 


Toxins affect our health more than many people realize — personally, I’ve faced infertility issues, thyroid issues, thyroid eye disease fibromyalgia, food sensitivities, and severe allergies.  


And I don’t want my daughter to be faced with these same issues. 


As she begins to experiment with makeup, I am now confident she will be able to enjoy it. I’ll be able to sleep easy knowing I’ve provided her with the best chance at a healthy life.


You and your loved ones deserve the best as well. And you can start with clean beauty.


If you have any questions about how to safely and simply toss the toxins, please let me know. I am happy to help.




Now that I’m educated on cleaner living, I use Norwex for everything you can possibly think of!

(You can check out more info about Norwex on my page - facebook.com/cleanbyjoy and on my website.)