I'm Joy Kakabeeke, a wife, mother, and founder of Clean Beauty by Joy.


I never expected to start a makeup company.


Since 2014 I had been making the necessary changes in my household and personal care products to reduce my use and exposure to harmful chemicals and ingredients.


But I was always falling short when it came to my makeup. When I found a cosmetic that claimed to be safe, I’d check out the ingredients and would find ingredients that were clean and non-toxic along with others that were, well, TOXIC.


I spent HOURS and HOURS researching brands.


I spent HOURS and HOURS researching ingredients in those “clean” brands.


When I finally found a couple of companies that offered safe, non-toxic products, there were two major problems I encountered: 


1) The makeup didn’t perform well. 


2) It was too expensive.


So, with a little nudge from the Lord, I began researching how to create my own makeup line. 


Clean Beauty by Joy solves the problems I was encountering when trying to find truly safe makeup that performs well and doesn’t break the bank.


Toxins affect our health more than many people realize and I encourage you to do a little research for yourself or check out my blog to learn more.


You and your loved ones deserve the best and you can start with Clean Beauty by Joy!