Joy Kakabeeke, Founder of Clean Beauty by Joy

When God gave me the idea to start my own makeup company, I was sure I didn't hear that right! But, I knew that I heard from Him so I stepped out in faith and was obedient to the call.

Clean Beauty by Joy is a makeup brand on a mission. A mission that not only provides a truly safe, nontoxic makeup that radically reduces inflammation in the skin, but also a brand that expands God's Kingdom by supporting gospel-spreading organizations and standing firm on our nation's biblically-based rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. (We are pro USA, pro Declaration of Independence, Pro Constitution, and Pro Jesus!)

I'm Joy Kakabeeke, a wife, mother, and founder of Clean Beauty by Joy.

I never expected to start a makeup company.

Since 2014 I had been making the necessary changes in my household and personal care products to reduce my use and exposure to harmful chemicals and ingredients.

But I was always falling short when it came to my makeup. When I found a cosmetic that claimed to be safe, I’d check out the ingredients and would find ingredients that were clean and non-toxic along with others that were, well, TOXIC. 

So, with a little nudge from the Lord, I began researching how to create my own makeup line. 

Clean Beauty by Joy solves the problems I was encountering when trying to find truly safe makeup that performs well and is great for my skin.

What my customers and I discovered is that makeup made with high-quality, skin-loving, natural ingredients allows your skin's microbiome to be balanced, healthy, and happy. I received more and more feedback about cystic acne going away, skin sensitivities and irritation practically disappearing, and an overall clearer, more flawless complexion being revealed after using the Pro Prep Face Primer and Flawless Finish Liquid Foundation.

Toxins affect our health more than many people realize and I encourage you to do a little research for yourself or check out my blog to learn more.

Your skin deserves to breathe AND be protected from pollutants, free radicals, blue light, and other environmental stressors. Protect your skin and get that gorgeous complexion with Clean Beauty by Joy.


P.S. Take some before and after pictures! I'd love to feature them on my website.



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