5 Surprising Ways to Use Loose Minerals

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5 Surprising Ways You Can Use Loose Minerals 

Loose minerals are amongst the most flexible makeup products out there. Their intensity is buildable and simply depends on how much is used and how they are applied. Their loose nature allows them to be extremely versatile. That’s why Clean Beauty by Joy created our own toxin-free version of sparkly loose minerals. 

The sparkle aspect to our loose minerals gives them an added level of versatility. Clean Beauty by Joy’s Holiday Mineral Sparkles Eye Collection includes 6 different organic and vegan shades in one package: Gold, Silver, Bronze, Opal, Pewter and Copper. Read on to find out 5 different ways to use our Holiday Mineral Sparkles Eye Collection. 

  1. On the Eyelids

Want your eyelids to have a shimmer effect? Add a light dusting of whichever shade best corresponds with your eyeshadow palette of the day. In the featured picture, the model is wearing Clean Beauty by Joy’s Baked Mineral Eyeshadow Trio in Bronze with our Pewter Sparkles dusted on top.

You can also wet the brush that is paired with the collection and spread it onto the eyelids for a more bold look. The angled side of the brush also allows for more precise lines if you’re interested in a sparkly cat eye or eyeliner. Thanks to the buildability of loose minerals, you can create a soft shimmer look or opt for a bright sparkle effect. 

  1. Add to hair gel 

Add the sparkles to your hair gel to give your hair some fun shine! It’s a great way to add some boldness to your look for events or if you just want to have fun. Fun fact: sparkly hair was featured in a 2019 fashion show for Giambattista Valli.  The best part: you can create a dreamy hair effect similar to that in the Giambattista Valli Fashion Show while avoiding toxic ingredients. 

  1. Create a Body Shimmer  

There is no need to buy toxic, drying lotion to create that glow we all strive for. If you want your body to have a nice shimmer, simply mix our organic minerals with your favorite daily lotion. This application method also works great with oil, if you prefer to use that over lotion. Another fun part is you can play with different shades to find what works best with your skin tone. 

  1. Add to Nail Polish 

Yes, you read that correctly. When you mix our sparkles with a clear nail polish, you’ll get a beautiful nail color. In the featured picture, the model used our minerals in Copper with a clear coat. Thanks to the neutral nature of the shades, each nail color works great for any time of the year! 

  1. Use them in lip gloss 

Glitter lip gloss has seemed to make its comeback from the 90s! With our Holiday Mineral Sparkles, you can create a safe, toxin-free version of the trendy glitter lips. Sparkles can add depth to your lips and make them appear fuller. Simply dip your lip gloss wand into the desired sparkle shade or apply it on your lips directly with the collection’s provided brush. 

If you’re interested in exploring all the ways to use Clean Beauty by Joy’s organic Holiday Mineral Sparkles, check the collection out here: https://cleanbeautybyjoy.com/products/holiday-sparkles-eye-collection




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