How to Achieve a Toxin-Free Minimal Makeup Look

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At Clean Beauty by Joy, we love a nice, minimal makeup look. Some days, it’s best to just have that simple enhancement without going overboard. It’s great because you put in less time to do your makeup while still covering up blemishes! I like to rock a minimal makeup look when I’m grocery shopping, meeting someone for coffee or if I just want that extra boost of confidence while doing work at home! 

Clean Beauty by Joy emphasizes the importance of keeping your minimal makeup looks toxin-free. That way you can boast a natural look while using natural ingredients! It’s a win-win. 

  1. Primer 

Primer gives us that smooth base that keeps your foundation intact. Primer’s ability to make the application process simpler and even reduce the amount of makeup used is why Clean Beauty by Joy is a huge advocate of it. 

In addition to the regular primer functions, Clean Beauty by Joy’s primer serves as a hydrating barrier for the skin. Aloe is one of the main ingredients in Joy’s primer (and foundation). Aloe’s hydrating properties and soothing qualities are what makes Joy’s primer so effective in soothing redness and moisturizing the skin. An added bonus is that it smells fantastic due to the natural and plant-based ingredients. 

Clean Beauty by Joy’s Primer: 

Read this article to find out more about the benefits of Aloe: 

  1. Foundation 

Now that you’ve applied your base, next is a foundation. When opting for a minimal look, I recommend using a sponge rather than a brush. Brushes normally give more of a full-coverage look while sponges are more subtle. I put the foundation on my face in dots and sponge away from there. For a minimal look, go for only one layer. 

Clean Beauty by Joy’s foundation contains ingredients like Aloe Vera which heals, protects, and nourishes your skin while Glycerin reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. The zinc oxide protects your skin from the sun-which is always necessary!

Clean Beauty by Joy’s Foundation: 

  1. Mascara

There are two options for the natural look in terms of mascara: brown or black. For those with fair skin and light hair, we recommend brown. This ensures your look stays subtle. Also, for those with hazel and blue eyes, brown is on the opposite end of the color wheel, so it’ll make your eyes pop! For those with darker complexions, black is your best option. It’ll ensure your eyes still stand out with the natural look. 

Clean Beauty by Joy’s Ultra Lush Lash Mascara glides on easily, leaving no clumps behind. Also, the ingredients are beneficial! Joy’s mascara features Chamomile Hydrosol, which is a natural anti-inflammatory and antihistamine. And, it’s 85% Organic. Talk about a great choice. 

Clean Beauty by Joy’s Mascara: 

  1. Lip color 

With lip color, there are a few options! You can go for more of a nude look or a pink depending on your natural lip color. I recommend keeping it close to your lip color. Either way, keep the lip color subtle. 

For a more nude color we suggest using the Daylily or Dahlia. Those colors work great with lighter skin tones. However, you can opt for the Cinnamon lipgloss if you have a darker complexion. Our Coral Peony lipstick works wonders for fair skin. 

Clean Beauty by Joy’s Lipgloss: 

Clean Beauty by Joy’s Lipstick: 

  1. Brush your brows 

If you want to add some more effect, you can brush your brows out. In fact, it is a trend to brush your brows up–with the natural look, bushy brows are encouraged. If you’re not into the bushy brow look, a brow brush can make your eyebrows neat! 

Clean Beauty by Joy’s duo brush does magic in taming your brows. It helps create structure above your eyes and make your eyes pop! 

Perfect Your Brows Duo Brush: 

There you have it, those are the five steps to a toxin-free natural makeup look! Everyone has a different take of the minimal look. So, feel free to skip or add steps to our provided makeup regime. Some people like to add a bit of eyeshadow, some like to skip the mascara! It’s up to you and what makes you feel the most confident. 


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