5 Tips for Living Toxin-Free

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Toxins are everywhere. They are found in water, food, beauty products, cleaning products and other areas of your home. Estimates suggest that the average person is exposed to 129 chemicals daily. And, the majority of these chemicals have not been proven to be safe for your health. That’s a lot of toxins to be exposed to daily! 

When I learned that many of the products used in our home were actually filled with toxins, I realized something needed to change. Here I was, causing destruction to my immune system and harming my health! There were toxic chemicals in my cleaning products, beauty products and even what I ate. I even found out that toxins were a major cause of the autoimmune disease I had. 

So, I embarked on a journey to start using toxin-free cleaners, makeup and beauty products. I also replaced processed, chemically-based foods with more whole and organic foods. And, today I’m encouraging you to do the same. 

What is a Toxin? 

In order to know what you need to get rid of, you should probably become familiar with the term toxin. A toxin is defined as “a poisonous substance that is a specific product of the metabolic activities of a living organism and is usually very unstable, notably toxic when introduced into the tissues, and typically capable of inducing antibody formation.” 

In other words, toxins are organisms that can negatively impact your tissues, hormonal systems and more. Some toxins include Parabens(found in many beauty and cleaning products), BPAs(found in canned food), PFSAS(found in microwave popcorn bags) and more. 

Now that you know what a toxin is, it’s time to break up with them. Read on for the 5 ways you can lessen toxin exposure and protect your health below. 

  1. Purify your Skincare Routine 

To purify your skincare routine, you have to kick all the chemically-raided products to the curb. This means, it’s time to find out the truth about your facial cleanser. If you look at the ingredient label, are there random chemical ingredients that you don’t know well? Honestly, it can be difficult to look up every single ingredient especially when the labels are filled with a long list of chemicals. To be safe and save time, I threw out any store-bought skincare product and swapped them for naturally-based cleansers that I knew were safe to use. 

I (Joy) use PureRae Skin products: https://pureraeskin.com/

  1. Detox your Makeup Products 

Makeup products are filled with hormone-disrupting toxins like parabens, talc and more. These toxins can cause cancer and other major health and skin issues. When I saw the toxic ingredients that even some mineral-based makeup brand products contained, I realized there was a need for a toxin-free makeup line. That’s why I created Clean Beauty by Joy. I sought to provide a makeup line that is affordable, high-performing and truly clean! In this journey, I have found that there are so many benefits to swapping drug-store makeup for toxin free makeup products. 

For makeup that is toxin-free, cruelty-free, mostly vegan(aside from beeswax is in the eye crayons), shop here: https://cleanbeautybyjoy.com/collections/all

  1. Cut out Chemical Cleaners

Cleaners are flooded with chemicals that can cause respiratory issues, immune system disorders, and thyroid hormone disruption. Some of these toxins include Ammonia, Chlorine, and Triclosan. I don’t know about you, but when I clean, I do it to have a healthier household, not a sicker one. For this reason, I started buying chemical-free cleaning products. Here’s some good news: this switch improved my immune system dramatically. 

Personally, I use and sell Norwex products. For a great toxin-free cleaner starter pack, check out this product: Safe Haven 5 Set. (If you buy this product, I receive a commission). 

  1. Get Rid of a Toxic Hair Regime

Similar to makeup and skin care products, typical hair products tend to contain way too many toxic ingredients. Sudsing up toxic chemicals on your scalp can’t be ideal for your wellness! Toxic hair care products can cause hair to fall out and become brittle, thin and dry. While there are many toxins to avoid in hair care, below is a list of a few major ones: 

  1. Parabens. (Propyl-, Isopropyl-, Butyl-, and Isobutyl)
  2. Synthetic colors
  3. Propylene glycol
  4. Mineral oil and petroleum (also called petrolatum, petroleum jelly, and paraffin oil)
  5. Sulfates

  1. Eat More Whole + Organic Foods

Last, but certainly not least, I encourage you to detoxify your refrigerators and cabinets. At Clean Beauty by Joy, we believe that what you put into your body is SO important. According to an article from the Guardian’s official website, America’s food system “contains thousands of chemicals that are not proven to be safe and many that have been banned in other countries.” To me, it sounds like our standards are too low for food. 

That’s why, we need to take matters into our own hands and shop mindfully. I always check how food is grown, processed and packaged. To make things easier, I search for organic products, read the ingredients of every item I buy and mainly stick to whole foods. Avoiding processed and canned foods can help you cut out many toxic chemicals from your diet! 


Clean Beauty by Joy emphasizes health before anything else. We believe in clean beauty without compromise. That’s why we encourage you to take stock of the products you use and swap out for cleaner, safer ones. If this all sounds overwhelming, we recommend you take it one step at a time and make small changes every week. Join forces with us as we promote living a healthier lifestyle and share this with your friends and family! 












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  • Great information and tips! It does take a bit more time but our health is worth it! I am slowly making changes so it doesn’t seem too overwhelming. I’m still guilty of eating food from my pantry, but I’m better than I used to be!

    Tami on

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