5 Benefits of Using Non-toxic Makeup Products

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With so many different beauty brands floating around, promising to make you look your best, there is a call to figure out what you really want. For Clean Beauty by Joy, it is important that makeup products are healthy, better for the environment, cruelty-free and natural. That’s why Clean Beauty by Joy uses organic and truly safe ingredients to ensure that we can apply the best formulas possible to our skin. Below are the five benefits of using toxin-free makeup products! 

  1. Harmful ingredients are replaced with health-safe ingredients 

Traditional makeup (think drugstore brands) is filled with toxic ingredients whose names are difficult to pronounce. One rule of thumb I live by is if I can not recognize it, I should question it. That’s when I do some research on the ingredients. What I’ve found is that some of these ingredients are harmful to one’s health. They can cause reproductive issues, cancer, acne, skin irritation and disrupt hormones. Which is a big no for me.

On the other hand, non-toxic, organic formulas do not contain the dangerous ingredients that many beauty brands use. The formulas for organic-conscious makeup usually contain health-safe preservatives to replace the ones used in chemically-driven products. 

For example, instead of using Parabens as a preservative, Clean Beauty by Joy uses organic ingredients such as Rosemary Leaf extract, Thyme extract and Cinnamon Leaf extract. This is because studies have shown parabens as being linked to breast cancer. We want to avoid that risk at all costs! 

  1. Cruelty-Free Products 

According to a report on Cruelty Free Kitty’s official website, 88% of the top beauty brands are not cruelty-free. However, many organic, non-toxic products are cruelty free! While this is not always true for every organic brand, it is true for Clean Beauty by Joy. We are leaping bunny certified! Meaning, we do not do any testing on animals. It is important to us that animal cruelty is not in any part of the process of creating non-toxic beauty products. 

Even if a product says it is cruelty-free, it still might contain ingredients derived from animals, making it non-vegan. The good news is Clean Beauty by Joy’s products mainly refrain from using ingredients derived from animals! The only non-vegan product is the eyeliner crayon which uses beeswax, making it vegetarian. 

  1. Gentler on skin 

Typically, the ingredients in organic formulas are gentler on skin. This is because chemical combinations contain unfamiliar ingredients that we do not recognize. When we do not recognize an ingredient, we have no way of knowing if we are allergic. It is much harder to know which ingredients cause bad reactions in chemically-based products. 

On the other hand, organic makeup lines like Clean Beauty by Joy have easy-to-read labels with fewer compounds. It’s much easier to find out what you are or are not allergic to in that way. Instead of skin-irritating ingredients, we use ones that are more soothing to the skin. One example is that we use hydrating and skin-loving Aloe as a base to our primer, foundation and lipstick. Read more about Aloe’s impact on skin here.

  1. Better for the environment 

When we remove toxic makeup products off of our skin, those chemicals are sent to a water waste treatment plant. However, it has been found that many of these chemicals persist past the treatment. This impacts fish, animals that eat fish and so on. Chemical compounds accumulate and have a risky impact on the environment. When ingredients are grown on farms using pesticides, herbicides, pesticides, insecticides, GMOs, and other toxins, it is drained into the soil and into the environment as well. For this reason, organic ingredients are better for the ecosystem because harmful chemicals are avoided from the growing process to the point when you wash makeup off of your face. 

Clean Beauty by Joy contains mostly organic ingredients like cinnamon, thyme, aloe and more. These ingredients come from the earth and will safely return back to the earth! That’s what we love most about the cycle of organic products. 

  1. Organic ingredients work better 

While the skin has a natural barrier to keep toxins from entering the body, they still are able to make their way through the skin, our largest organ. The toxins from chemically-based makeup can cause many health concerns including autoimmune diseases. Yuck! 

Meanwhile, ingredients in organic and non-toxic makeup products are much more nutritionally rich. Clean Beauty by Joy’s makeup products contain ingredients that have stronger concentrations of skin-loving vitamins such as Vitamin A, B, E and more. They also contain natural antioxidants that feed the skin, which helps improve it rather than irritate it. To read about the benefits of the preservatives Clean Beauty by Joy uses, read more here. 


As we have learned, many makeup products contain chemicals that harm your health, animals’ health and the environment. There is an increased need to learn about the ingredients in your everyday products. That way, you can make changes where needed for your health, the environment’s health and to protect animals! Clean Beauty by Joy passionately stands behind our use of non-toxic, organic, and vegan ingredients. We believe in clean beauty without compromise. 

Looking to make the switch to organic? 

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