Our Tips To Avoid Harmful Makeup Practices In Teens

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Today, young girls are picking up the makeup palettes extremely early in their lives. With social media, the desire to grow up earlier and impress others, girls are subject to applying more makeup and more often than we did as kids. As parents, this can be a cause for concern! Our babies are growing up much too fast and not only that, the early use of makeup can be harmful to their physical and mental health. 

According to a study by marketing agency Mintel, “more than half of US 12-14 year olds use mascara (54 percent), as well as eyeshadow, eyeliner and eyebrow pencils (54 percent). Meanwhile, some 45 percent use foundation/concealer, [and] 30 percent use blush/bronze.” 


The impact this early makeup use has on our teens’ self-esteem is worrisome. According to WKTR’s official website, the same study by Mintel found that “at least one in five girls between ages 8-14 has negative feelings about themselves when they’re not wearing makeup.” 

This means that a vast majority of young girls are applying full faces of makeup and also feel negative about themselves when they are not wearing it! We believe this is a major issue for our young ones and we want to do what we can to avoid this.

WKTR talked with a family psychologist Dr. Saunders who said "The hope would be that makeup enhances appearance. When you're doing more drastic things to change your appearance, that's more worrisome because then you're seeing yourself as deeply damaged, and that's more concerning.” 

Joy of Clean Beauty by Joy could not agree more with Dr. Saunders. That’s why Joy recommends that teens only use a light lip gloss and a mascara! On special occasions(such as holiday dances), she believes it’s okay to add a bit more than that.

Joy’s daughter, Conley, is wearing Ultra-Lush Lashes Mascara in Brown with the Luxe ‘n Lavish Lipstick in Coral Peony (coming to our website soon)  in the above photo. Instead of applying the lipstick traditionally, Conley dabs the color on her lips, to create this beautiful,  simple look that enhances her features, while not overdoing it as a young teen! 


Another concern for kids using makeup so young is that many of the makeup products on the market contain harmful chemicals. As teens are developing hormonally in their early years, the endocrine-disruption that occurs from products that contain Parabens can be extra harmful to teens. 


As teens are less aware of the ingredients in their products and are just applying foundations, eyeshadows and lip colors mindlessly, it’s important that parents take it upon themselves to choose non-toxic beauty brands for their kids! That’s why Clean Beauty by Joy’s makeup products are perfect for young teens. The products do not contain any harmful, endocrine-disrupting chemicals. 


The products we recommend for teens: 

Ultra-Lush Lashes Mascara in either black or brown: https://cleanbeautybyjoy.com/products/long-lash-mascara?variant=31662112964672 

Perfect Pout Lip Gloss in Daylily or Cinnamon: 






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