How to Find Your Perfect Shade of Foundation

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Choosing Foundation Based on Your Skin Undertone

Your skin tone and skin undertone are different. When we are talking about skin tone, it’s in reference to the skin on the surface. Your skin tone can change with diet, the amount of sun you’re getting and other factors. Meanwhile, your undertone does not change at all. Undertone is the constant, subtle color beneath the skin’s surface. Since it never changes, it’s helpful to know your skin’s undertone when picking out foundation, jewelry, clothing, and more. Read on to explore the different undertones and find out yours! 

Do you have a cool, neutral or warm undertone? 

There are three different kinds of undertones when you’re looking for foundation shades. 

  1. Cool Undertone 

When you have a cool undertone, your skin has a pink, red, or bluish hue. Those with cool undertones are often more drawn to silver jewelry because it looks best on them! You can also check your veins, if you see mainly blue veins then your undertone is on the cool side. You can rock clothes that are deep purple, bright blue, pink, and lavender. 

  1. Neutral Undertone 

If you’re in the neutral group, your skin undertone carries a balanced mix of both the 

warm and cool shades or is an olive shade. This also means means that you rock both gold and silver jewelry equally! Most colors look good on you and you can pull off just about anything. Check your veins, if they are a mix between green and blue, then you probably have a neutral undertone. 

  1. Warm undertone

People with a warm undertone have yellow, peach, and golden hints to their skin.They feel best in gold jewelry! If you have a warm undertone, you probably rock that straight-up gold highlighter shade. Your veins most likely appear to be green. When it comes to what to wear, you often shoot for earth tones! Some great colors to go for: green, brown, mustard yellow and warm reds. 

Now that you have an idea of which undertone your skin has, let’s move onto finding the best shade of toxin-free foundation for you! 

Clean Beauty by Joy Flawless Finish Foundation’s undertone shades 

Clean Beauty by Joy’s Flawless Finish Foundation is non-toxic and high-performing. With a formula that is 90% organic, it gently glides over your base for a natural-looking, dewy finish. 

The formula is breathable and thanks to ingredients like Jojoba Oil, it doesn’t clog your pores. It also heals, protects and hydrates your skin with the help of Aloe! You can say goodbye to acne-causing foundation and say hello to toxin-free, organic ingredients. We have eight diverse shades that will give you a streak-free look. Let’s find your perfect match!

Flawless Finish Foundations for Cool Undertones: 

  1. Bisque Flawless Finish Foundation. This is best for cool undertones with fair to light skin.
  2. Nude. This is what I wear! It works well with light/medium light skin tones. 
  3. Mocha. A beautiful color, this is currently our darkest shade! 

Foundation for Warm Undertones: 

  1. Cork. This is meant for light/medium light skin tones. 
  2. Sandalwood. This works well with medium, warm skin tones. 
  3. Chestnut. This is the second darkest shade we have! It works well with medium-dark shades. 

Foundation for Neutral Undertones: 

  1. Bamboo. This is a light-medium shade for neutral undertones. 
  2. Almond. This works great with medium, neutral skin tones. 

We hope this helped you with looking for that perfect shade! If you still aren’t sure, Clean Beauty by Joy offers samples of our Flawless Finish Foundation. Click here to check them out! 


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