The Truth About Makeup Primer and Why You Should Use It

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There is one important step that is often skipped in the makeup application process-the step of applying primer. People have given a variety of reasons why they don’t use primers. Some suggest that it doesn’t do anything or they worry that it causes acne and other skin irritation. Honestly, some primers don’t work and others do cause acne. However, when you find the right primer, the benefits are priceless. Read on to discover primer’s role in your makeup routine and where to find a toxin-free primer that works! 

What is primer and why should I use it?

Primer is a beauty product that comes in the form of gels, cream, or other liquid formulas and it is applied before any other makeup products. When you apply it on your face, it is supposed to smooth out fine lines, wrinkles, flaky and dry spots and it even fills any creases or large pores. Many call it the photoshop of makeup due to its ability to smooth out your face. It creates the perfect canvas for applying foundation. And, of course, it keeps your makeup from streaking-that’s a makeup disaster averted! 

In the summer, primer is a hero when it comes to controlling the extra shine that the humidity and heat can cause! If you have oily-skin, you could really benefit from primer. It also helps your makeup last all day, so you can enjoy the warm outdoors without worrying about your makeup melting. Its ability to create a barrier between your skin and the environment makes it a great protector. 

Toxins in other primers 

Primer sounds pretty great so far. But, what about the primers that don’t work? Why are people complaining about their primer causing skin issues rather than helping them? We believe it’s largely due to the toxins used in those primers. While primer is meant to smooth out fine lines and give your skin a flawless effect, some dry out your skin and cause irritations like acne. 

Many primers contain silicones, which gives your face that plastic-effect. However, these are damaging to your skin and cause issues like acne, dry-skin and dull skin. Silicones can even interfere with skin renewal. Our skin renews every 28 days, where old cells fall off and make way for new cells. However, silicones slow down the process and inhibit these new cells from growing. Instead of helping your skin, toxic primers harm your skin and body. 

That’s why it’s important to find primers that provide the benefits without harming our bodies! 

Clean Beauty by Joy’s primer 

Clean Beauty by Joy avoids using toxins like silicones, parabens, and other harmful chemicals in our primer. Instead, we use silica, which is different from silicone. While silicone is synthetic and acts as a sealant on your face that causes harm, silica is a natural compound (SiO2) that benefits your skin! Silica is already present in your body and helps with bodily functions such as collagen production and strengthening your bones. Some benefits of having silica in your primer include: a collagen production boost, it gives a matte finish to your skin, it leaves a natural glow and more!

Our primer’s formula is 80% organic and it includes other skin-loving ingredients such as Aloe and Jojoba Oil. Both are notorious for moisturizing the skin and for their anti-aging properties. Aloe protects your skin from all kinds of weather as well. Our cruelty-free and vegan primer formula keeps your skin supple and gives you the filter-effect without the toxic chemicals. The pump is airless, which protects the product from bacteria and helps inhibit waste of the product. It’s important to remember that a little bit of product goes a long way! 

If you’re a clean beauty advocate or living a toxin-free life, we highly recommend our nontoxic primer. It’s great for all skin types, including acne-prone skin or oily skin. Our clean primer ensures that you don’t compromise your health for beauty because what we put onto our bodies goes into our bodies! 

How to apply our primer 

  1. After you apply your moisturizer, allow it to dry.
  2. Use a makeup sponge to spread the primer onto your face, starting at the center of your face. 
  3. Allow it to dry, then you can apply your foundation. 

We hope these tips helped! Remember, you never have to compromise your health for beauty. 

Check out our nontoxic, silicone-free, cruelty-free and vegan Pro Prep Face Primer here: Non-Toxic Face Primer


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