Why I Started My Own Toxin-Free Makeup Line

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Hello everyone! I’m Joy Kakabeeke, the founder of Clean Beauty by Joy. For those of you who don’t know, I actually started my career as a high school and college-level mathematics teacher. Now, I own a toxin-free makeup business and also sell Norwex with a passion to educate others about the ingredients in the products they use. Read on to find out more about my story and why I created Clean Beauty by Joy! 

My personal battle with toxin burden

Shortly after having our daughter, who is now 15, I was struggling with my health and couldn’t quite figure out why. I was exhausted and feeling completely rundown. I first thought it was postpartum depression, but it never really went away. I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia which is an auto immune disorder, I struggled with severe allergies and food sensitivities, insomnia and I couldn’t get pregnant again either.  When I went to the doctor, everything checked out as being perfectly fine, but I didn’t feel okay. 

About 8 years ago, I was introduced to Norwex, a company where you learn how to clean without toxins. I started using their toxin-free cleaning products and stopped cleaning my body with traditional soaps that contain tons of chemicals. Just a few short months after making these changes, my body started to heal. I was sleeping better, breathing better and my health shifted for the better. That’s when, out of intrigue, I started researching body burden. 

Body burden shows that when your body gets bombarded by toxic chemicals overtime, your organs can only do so much to flush them out and that continual exposure to toxins leads to health problems. Once I reduced this body burden, my body started healing and my immune system improved. That’s how I started the journey with toxin-free cleaning and beauty products. 

Why I Created Toxin-Free Makeup 

In the journey to swapping from toxic products to clean products, I found a major road block when it came to makeup. I knew I did not want to settle when it came to makeup. I had gone so far in turning around my health, I didn’t want to put it to waste with what I put on my face in the name of beauty. I started digging around to find affordable, toxin-free makeup brands that also performed well. I went down a rabbit hole of research and spent many, many hours researching for that perfect makeup brand. 

Then one day, I heard the Lord say, “Stop researching what makeup to buy and instead, research how you can do it yourself.” 

Before creating my own line, I had 3 conditions. 

  1. Affordability. The makeup had to be affordable for others. And, I would have to pay for it all in cash, without taking out loans or using credit cards for my makeup line. This, along with spending time on the research and development of a product is why it takes me a bit more time to release new products. 
  2. High-performing. The makeup had to do its job and do it well. It had to help soothe the skin, aid skin-irritations, and be long-lasting. 
  3. Truly safe ingredients. The makeup had to be toxin-free, cruelty-free and made with safe, organic ingredients. 

With that laid out, I started researching how to create my own safe, clean, and toxin-free makeup at the start of 2019. By the end of the year, I hosted my first event where I sold the makeup! 

Goal for Clean Beauty by Joy 

I have goals for Clean Beauty by Joy that go further than the product itself. One of my biggest goals for this brand is that it is used to educate others on toxins. You know what they say, once a teacher, always a teacher! I want consumers to learn the importance of knowing what goes onto our body and skin and how to avoid the health issues that occur from toxin exposure. There are over 85,000 chemicals in use in the U.S. today and fewer than 300 of them have been studied for their impact on our health. That’s why we write informational blog posts and tell others about the various toxins on our social media! We also always encourage you to ask us questions! 

Another goal is to be a brand that is trust-worthy. I want consumers to be able to KNOW my products are clean and toxin-free without being in research mode the entire time. To accomplish that, I make it my priority to ensure that my products are safe, made with organic and natural ingredients and cruelty-free. 

Toxin-free living and Jesus have healed me completely of fibromyalgia, my allergies, skin-irritations, chronic fatigue, insomnia and many other health issues I’ve had! That’s why I’m so grateful to have the opportunity to help others in their journey to living their best life and living toxin-free. 

Check out my cruelty-free, clean beauty products here: https://cleanbeautybyjoy.com/collections/all.

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