Is It Really CLEAN Beauty?

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It’s 2022 and you’ve devoted yourself to toxin-free living. That’s awesome! Now, you are searching for beauty products that do not threaten your health and wellbeing. One day you’re perusing the aisles at your local grocery store for toxin-free products and you see labels like “chemical-free,” “paraben-free,” and “made with natural ingredients.” You stop to pick up the products and unfortunately find out these products still contain toxins that you want to avoid. When brands mislead consumers in this way, they are partaking in what is known as greenwashing or cleanwashing. 

What is Greenwashing or Cleanwashing? 

Greenwashing and/or cleanwashing is when a brand fools consumers into believing their products are organic, nontoxic, natural or eco-friendly when they actually are not. Companies partake in this common process by putting things like “paraben-free,” “made with rose water,” and “made with organic ingredients,” on the front of the packaging. There are many other phrases that I’ve found on products that have attempted to mislead health-conscious consumers. 

This practice gives an illusion that the brand is focused on using toxin-free ingredients. However, in reality, they just spent extra money to appear toxin-free rather than actually investing in non-toxic formulas. And, the worst part is the ingredients in these products can cause hormone disruption, are linked to various cancers and skin irritation. No, thank you! 

The terms companies use are often unregulated and no one verifies their authenticity. That’s how these brands get away with this manipulative tactic! There is hardly any regulation to stop major brands from misleading consumers who are trying to make healthier choices when it comes to beauty. That’s why it’s up to the consumer to remain on guard! 

How to Avoid Greenwashing/Cleanwashing 

  1. Stay informed.

Make sure you know which ingredients are toxic for your health. Check out Clean Beauty by Joy’s blogs informing on various toxins: Toxins That are Linked to Breast Cancer. You can also check out this list on EWG’s official website: The Toxic Twelve Chemicals and Contaminants in Cosmetics

  1. Read the ingredients. 

Once you have a better idea of which ingredients to avoid, you will be able to spot them on the ingredient labels. Always check out the ingredients of beauty products! I know it can be tedious to do this, but once you find brands you know and trust, it’ll be easier. It’s worth the extra effort to ensure you avoid toxins that can cause cancer, skin irritations and other health complications. 

  1. Support small businesses and local brands when you can 

Smaller businesses usually have less of a rabbit trail to travel down when it comes to finding out about their practices. They typically are more transparent and trustworthy! If you know local business owners, support their products instead of buying from bigger brands that often spend thousands of dollars on greenwashing. 

Clean Beauty by Joy’s Philosophy

Clean Beauty by Joy is against greenwashing and similar practices. Clean Beauty by Joy’s belief is that consumers should be able to have clean beauty without compromise. This means we believe consumers should not have to compromise their health and wellness when they use beauty products. Clean Beauty by Joy’s products were created with health as the priority. Joy’s makeup is toxin-free and includes organic ingredients. Clean Beauty by Joy never uses parabens, we avoid talc, Phenoxyethanol and other toxins. Joy uses natural alternatives like Aloe, Rosemary Extract and Oregano Leaf Extract instead! These are skin-loving, beneficial ingredients that do not cause cancer or other health complications. 

Check out the ingredients in each product here: 



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