How This Clean Makeup Brand Healed My Cystic Acne

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How This Clean Makeup Brand Healed My Skin 

Think all makeup and foundation brands are created equally? Think again! Keep reading to see my skin's amazing transformation and get the inside scoop on how you can do the same.

It’s no surprise to me that organic beauty and makeup products have become increasingly popular recently. More and more consumers have become aware of the potential damage that some mainstream makeup products can cause to the skin. For people like me, switching from everyday makeup brands to Clean Beauty by Joy’s toxin-free makeup greatly transformed my skin for the better. In this blog post, we will explore the importance of using safe, toxin-free makeup on your skin and my personal journey with Clean Beauty by Joy. 

Benefits of Organic Makeup for Sensitive Skin

If you have sensitive skin, you probably know that many makeup products can be harsh on the skin, cause further acne, and dry out your skin. Petrochemicals, Fragrances, Lanolin, and Silicones are all acne-fueling ingredients that are found in everyday foundations and makeups. These ingredients can clog your pores and dry them out, which is how acne and even cystic acne can be formed. 

Cystic Acne cleanbeautybyjoy.comCystic Acne

In my personal life, I was using makeup half the time and had horrible acne. When I would wear makeup, the foundation would look horrible and exacerbate my acne. It was a frustrating cycle. I thought I was doing everything right, I always took off my makeup before bed, had a full skincare routine. I even started using organic skincare, which did help a bit. 

However, that cystic, stubborn acne didn’t go away. I did some research into how to treat the acne I had been dealing with for years and realized, it might have been simply the makeup I was using. We leave makeup on our skin for hours on end, it’s no wonder it would have an impact. I tried some makeup brands that claimed to be toxin-free, but they were low-performing, or made my skin look oily. Then, I talked with Joy and discovered her makeup products. 

Once I started using them, my skin got the final push it needed. My acne slowly faded away, my skin was less dry in the winter, and I could cover up and cool down the rosacea I have. Below you can see my skin without makeup now. 

clear skin with cleanbeautybyjoy.comNo makeup healed acne

After using Clean Beauty by Joy’s foundation and makeup products, I realized just how important the ingredients we put in our makeup are. In Clean Beauty by Joy’s makeup you can find natural ingredients such as Aloe Vera, Rosemary Extract, and Zinc Oxide that nourish the skin and heal it rather than harm it. It also brings comfort knowing that the products also protect internal health. Especially since many ingredients that are allowed in products in the United States have been shown to cause cancer, autoimmune diseases and more. 

After switching to Clean Beauty by Joy, I have more confidence. I’m happier with what I see in the mirror and I have security in the safety of the products I use. I use the foundation almost everyday and surprisingly it lasts me awhile, sometimes up to 3 months. It’s well-worth the investment. 

If you’re having problems with your skin, switch to toxin-free products and give it time. Find safe, toxin-free, organic skincare products to wash your face and moisturize it. In addition, I highly recommend trying out Clean Beauty by Joy’s makeup. Visit the shop to look at Joy’s products! You can find out more about how the Ultra-Lush Lashes Mascara works great for sensitive eyes and is great for your lashes here. makeup

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