Waterproof Mascara - Is it Worth the Risk?

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Mascara can be a great way to add definition to your eyes and draw attention. However, often times, people are left in the dark about the ingredients in their mascara. This blog post will break down the components of waterproof mascara and discuss the potential risks that come with using it. 

What Are the Ingredients of Waterproof Mascara?

Waterproof mascara is often advertised as long-wearing and resistant for people who want their makeup to last all day and night. Unfortunately, there are some hidden ingredients in these mascaras that can be damaging to your eyes over time.

Waterproof Mascara is formulated with ingredients that help the mascara adhere to the lashes longer and not smudge, smear, or flake off. Ingredients such as panthenol, mineral oil, glycerin, beeswax, waxes, or polymers act as emulsifiers, which make sure the mascara doesn't dry out quickly and keeps its waterproof properties intact. Additionally, they may contain cellulose gum that helps keep everything together and reduce clumping while providing a water-resistant seal after it is applied.

Why You Should Avoid Waterproof Mascaras 

Despite the convenience of long-lasting mascaras there are several reasons why you should be cautious when using them. Waterproof mascaras can irritate your eyes if not removed properly and are very difficult to remove due to the ingredients. The chemicals found in the mascaras can also irritate allergies.

According to Harvard’s official website, “Most of the waterproof mascara, liquid lipsticks, and foundations tested in a recent study contained high levels of fluorine—suggesting the likely presence of toxic chemicals known as per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFASs).” PFASs have been associated with cancer, infertility, and other health issues. 

In addition, waterproof mascaras have been known to dry out your eyelashes over long term use leading in breakage of delicate hair follicles, damaging lash growth if used too often without a proper cleansing routine afterwards. In addition, some brands add fragrances to their formula, which could contain chemicals that are not included on the label. These ingredients can irritate both your health and eyes, depending on what they are. 

Alternatives To Using Waterproof Mascaras 

When it comes to mascara, consider using a safer, natural option instead. These formulas tend to come off easier with a regular removal process, reducing chances of eye complications and allergies. We recommend finding mascaras that work for your lashes instead of against them with damage. 

Clean Beauty by Joy’s Ultra-Lush Lashes Mascara, contains natural ingredients such as Chamomile hydrosol, which is a natural anti-inflammatory and antihistamine. The ingredients being organic and safe make your lashes look long and beautiful, and are better for sensitive eyes! The Carnauba wax makes Clean Beauty by Joy's Ultra-Lush Lashes Mascara water resistant and smudge resistant, making it the safe and high-performing mascara you're looking for!


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